Here is a smattering, a sampling of the spice of life, the inspiring people and the topics discussed during 2019 on the radio show God gave me the opportunity to host on AM 1160, Hope for Your Life, the Voice of Christian Liberty.

Here is a smattering, a sampling of the spice of life, the inspiring people and the topics discussed during 2019 on the radio show God gave me the opportunity to host on AM 1160, Hope for Your Life, the Voice of Christian Liberty.

Posted on Feb 26, 2022

As the host of The Voice of Christian Liberty podcast and radio show, here are some of the encouraging, inspiring, God-honoring, topics we discussed on the radio during these past years, from A to Z

911, Abortion, Abuse, Acting, Adoption, Aesthetics in Modern Culture, Alcoholism, Artists for Christ, Atheism, Athletes for Christ, Attorneys for Christ, Awana Leaders, Battling Cancer, Becoming a Naval Aviator, Being a pastor's wife, Being a running coach, Believer’s Persecution, Better not bitter through Christ Jesus, Big tech tyranny, Birthing a ministry, Building a ministry, Called by God, Called to educate youth, Called to missions, Called to teach, Cancer victories, Choosing Life, CLA Alumni, CLA music and drama, CLA Orchestra and Band, Celebrate Re-entry, Christian Liberty Press, Church leadership, College-age entrepreneurs, the Creator God, Crisis pregnancy, Dating, Death of a child, Dreams of youth, Drug addiction, Dysfunctional homes, Discipleship, Divorce, Education concerns in changing America, Facebook Censorship of Christians, Faith in difficult times, Feeding God’s Sheep, Following in a father's legacy, Following Christ’s commands to “Go into all the world”, Founder’s Scholarship Award Winners, Friendships for life, Gifted teachers, Gifted Youth, a Gold Star family, God's love brought to a jail cell, God’s Sovereignty, God's power to transform lives.

And then there's these topics, too: Healthy Life Choices, Helping the Single Parent, Heroes, Homeless Ministry outreach, Homeschool books that inspire us, the Homeschool Movement, Homeschooled Children, Homeschooling moms, the Heritage of Christian education, Illinois Family Institute, Impacting the world for Christ, Improvisational Theatre, Incarceration, Informed Choices, Inner-city Ministry, Intercessory Prayer, Inspiring children to use their gifts and talents for God's glory, International Ministries, Iwo Jima, Jesus as the only Way, Japan, the mission field, Kindergarten Music, Kindergarten Programs, Knowing Christ, Kombucha health benefits, Late bloomers, Leading people to Christ, Letting the Holy Spirit lead, LGBTQ, Living out your passion, Living with a Purpose, Loss of a loved one, Loving God, Lukewarm Christians.

And one of my favorites discussion topics, Making your faith your own, and then the following: Marines, Math and Science from a Christian Perspective, Mentoring, Missionary kids, MK’s, Memories of Michael Sherman, the Military, Ministry Leaders, Multicultural ministries, the Mission Field, Myanmar, National Hispanic Scholar Award, Nehemiah Vision, Nutrition, Old Deluder Satan Act, Orchestras, and God the perfect Orchestrator of our lives, Pastor’s Wives, Pioneering a homeschool movement, Pastor’s Kids, PKs, a Prodigal Journey, Protecting the Innocent and helpless, , Ranking in the top 0.5% of 1.6 million students, Renewal through Christ. and the Rev. Paul D. Lindstrom.

And I loved sharing about Safe Families, and the actress Seeyi Omooba, Single Fathers, Single Mothers, a Salutatorian’s amazing faith Journey, Sharing Christ’s love to the needy, Standing for the truth, Thankfulness spoken from a Sixth-grade class, Thanksgiving praise and Bible verses, help with an Unplanned Pregnancies, US Navy sailors hosted on Christmas Day at Christian Liberty Academy on Christmas Day, a Valedictorian’s Journey, Veterans and heroic patriotism, a Vietnam veteran facing being spit on, War in Afghanistan, Witnesses for life, Working with Preschool Children, World War II, Worship, eXciting faith, Yielding to Christ, Zeal for God.

​And the people who made the discussions possible the wonderful interviewees who inspired us on the Voice of Christian Liberty. Thank you to each of you for sharing your journey.

And here's, the vessels, the amazing guests who inspired us by their encouraging faith, and, who often shared their sincere vulnerability along with their experiences, trials and the wisdom gained: First, my contributing host, Pastor Calvin Lindstrom, and then my producer, Dan Hartsaw, and then in non-alphabetical order, the honored Florie Lindstrom Morrison, David Bergquist, and Julia Baer, Micah Rubel, Andrew Dills, Dan Schustek, Shiny George, Lars Johnson, Alex Kania, Walter Baer, Deborah Wilhoite, Sophie Miglio, Larry Hovde, Valerie Zivojinovic, Mindy Bond & Melanie Hurley, Laurie Higgins,  Elwood  (Woody) Hughes, Donna Morrison, Robert Stack, Christine Seon, Andrew Forsythe, the Lawyers for Jesus, Jan Sabourin, Len Sabourin, Tania Mullhall, Alan Maruschak, Evelyn Mensik, Jeff Isola, Margaret Manahan with Deborah and Alexa, and some special sophomore girls, Dayna, Melissa, Audrey, and Shine, Lars Johnson, Sherry Kurz, Mikah Litwin, Denise Learned, a sixth-grade class, Linda Ringstrand, Kaylee Ringstrand, Pastor Randy Thompson, Sharon Rubel, and coming in 2020, Charles Li , Christine Li, and Amy Li. and a lot more.

And always present at every broadcast, the Lord, our God Who is in the midst of us, for He is Immanuel, God with Us. 

Thank you, Lord, thank you, friends for any role you played, speaking, sharing, or listening to the Voice of Christian Liberty. To God be the glory.

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