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Let US(A) Pray - National Day of Prayer

Chairman of the board for the National Day of Prayer Task Force, Dave Butts, was asked to lead a prayer for America.

So, friends, let us pray!

"Father of all that is, I bow before You acknowledging You as creator and king over all. As I come to pray for my count…

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My Cancer Follow-up... and a "God moment"

MY CANCER FOLLOW-UP did not go so well. It was a bumpy-ride week. When I first got the message to come back to the hospital, I arrived home and looked at my neighbor’s house. She had been there the first time I got the diagnosis. She had tea with me and prayed. Bu…

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Here is a smattering, a sampling of the spice of life, the inspiring people and the topics discussed during 2019 on the radio show God gave me the opportunity to host on AM 1160, Hope for Your Life, the Voice of Christian Liberty.

Posted on Feb 26, 2022

As the host of The Voice of Christian Liberty podcast and radio show, here are some of the encouraging, inspiring, God-honoring, topics we discussed on the radio during these past years, from A to Z

911, Abortion, Abuse, Acting, Adoption

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I have the "C" Word

Posted on Feb 26, 2022

The journey began with the new year — but really ... it began​ a full year before when the doctor peered over the rim of her glasses with a squint to her eyes and a bit of a scowl.

Speaking in a direct and serious tone, the doctor remarked…

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